The LD Child - Closer Than You Think

The learning disabled student has many faces.  She could be your next-door neighbor.  He could be the kid who hit that homerun last weekend.  She may ride on that  yellow school bus every morning.  He may have multiple challenges that are open and obvious or she may have an invisible disability.  They may be shy and quiet or vivacious and popular.  Some children with a learning difference or disability are able to compensate for their weakness and are never diagnosed.  Others may or may not be diagnosed later on even when they start failing.  

Other kids canít compensate but either parental denial, unawareness or other family challenge  still results with a child that is struggling no matter how hard they try, no matter what the consequences or rewards. 

Alarmingly, even as late as post high school or even college, because of poor or deficient coping strategies and/or a lack of appropriate supports, intellectual maturity can ultimately be compromised.  As a result, risky behaviors may be embraced that can lead to tragic consequences as an adult.

Children with a learning disability come in all sizes, shapes, colors and backgrounds.  It is an equal opportunity for all.  The one thing they all have in common is that they learn differently.   The way they process information is different, hence the term learning disability (LD).

A learning disability is a neurological disorder that negatively impacts a personís ability to receive, store, process and/or produce information.  The disability can affect reading, writing, spelling, math computation, organizational skills, attention skills and social behavior.  It is so important that parents become enlightened parents and take the appropriate steps and interventions that will help their child succeed. 

The C.H.I.L.D. Organization of Scotch Plains Fanwood is committed to helping LD Children and their families by supporting and advocating for the rights of those with challenges and differences.

Throughout the year C.H.I.L.D. develops educational workshops that promote awareness, provides resources and supports for parents, teachers and other specialists that work with LD children.