Events run seamlessly and future events can be offered due to 

C.H.I.L.D. Friends & Supporters.  Volunteers are a big part of that.  

Helping in any way is always appreciated and needed.  


High School Students - Colleges are looking beyond your SAT scores.  They want to see more community service involvement of possible incoming students.  Employers are also eager to know how in your community you have made a measurable difference and commitment.  High School Students that help The C.H.I.L.D. Organization earn letters of recognition for their service to be included with their college portfolios.  Written references for schools and employers are also provided for High School Student Volunteers.

To find out how you can be a C.H.I.L.D. Friend or Volunteer call us at 908.322.4020.

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 Dates for this year's workshop programs are below.  Topic details along with other events are being finalized and will post shortly.

For all questions, please call 908.322.4020 - Thank you

Wed, 10/13/10 7:15 pm 930 pm

Dr. Frank Dilollo, Alternatives To Help Your Child

Through October you can

Click the link below to

Boost your parenting skills & 

Improve your child's sense of self.  Speakers are required.

Special Online Conference


Wed, 11/3/10 7:15 pm 930 pm  

Topic to Post Shortly

Wed, 12/1/10 7:15 pm 930 pm  

Topic to Post Shortly

Wed, 1/12/11 7:15 pm 930 pm  

Fireside Chat, Thomas Beese, Director of Student Services

How to Maximize Your Child's Education

Wed, 2/9/11 7:15 pm 930 pm  

Topic to Post Shortly

Wed, 3/9/11 7:15 pm 930 pm

Topic to Post Shortly

Tues, 4/19/11 7:15 pm 930 pm

Topic to Post Shortly

Wed, 5/25/11 7:15 pm 930 pm

Topic to Post Shortly

Fri, 6/10/11 Recognition & Awards Evening Ceremony - 7pm

* Dates, topics, location and/or speakers are subject to change

Publications outside of CHILD work very hard to share our information.  However, in order to best serve everyone, please check this website to confirm the latest information, updates and accuracy regarding our events and programs.

CHILD would like to thank the Schools and the PTA's in Scotch Plains-Fanwood for their help in sharing our information.

Please RSVP to guarantee your seat & materials by calling 908.322.4020



Some of the many previous  presenters for CHILD have included:  


Dr. Michael Fowlin - "You Don't Know Me..." 

Irv Finklestein . LCSW - Defiant Behavior

Dr. Ilyse Odesky - Neuro-Psychologist - 

  Varying conditions

Dr. Donna Merchant, Audiologist

Dr. Natalie Elman - Author "Unwritten Rules of Friendship"

Chris Anderton from Wizcom 

Janet De Senzo from Kurzweil  Asst.Tech. 

Alice Hunnicutt, SPAN 

The late Elaine Gottschall, Author "Breaking The Vicious Cycle" 

Ron Baglio from Eagle Hill School 

William Van Cleave  from Kildonan School 

Jennifer Scully from Maplebrook School 

Susan Conners - Tourette's Syndrome 

Dr. Jed Baker - Author of the award-winning Social Skills Picture Book series

Doug Vogel - Financial Advisor, Co-Founder of SNAP

Lori Shery - Asperger's Syndrome Association

Gregory Roper, PhD - Children's Specialized Hospital