Student Centric and Community Service Activities

CHILD, is active in advocating for parents, growing awareness and promoting education and resources within all areas of the community. CHILD serves on the general committee of The Municipal Alliance Coalition, is a representative on the Board of the Fanwood Recycling Center and the PTA Council.  Providing liaison to the individual PTA’s, CHILD is continually reaching out to serve all populations and diversities through articles and submissions to school PTA Newsletters about CHILD, current programs, student activities and District activities regarding Special Education.  

CHILD’s support and advocacy is available 24/7 through our website.  Confidentiality and privacy is always maintained.  Moreover, what CHILD offers and information provided has published in newspapers and other online venues.   

CHILD has actively participated in Focus Groups aimed at improving awareness and parent understanding of Parent Rights in Special Education and how to obtain services for their child for Pre-Published Resource Books.  Serving on the Central Region Disabilities and Addiction Task Force at Prevention Links, a comprehensive analysis, written plans and recommendations were prepared to improve services and systems throughout the state to help children and at-risk youth.

Additionally, CHILD also took part in the District’s Informational Sessions re Self-Assessment/Monitoring Process focused on improving results and functional outcomes for students with disabilities, co-sponsored by New Jersey’s Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (NJOSEP) and the Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN).


For the Student 

Later this year,  7 & 8th Grade students will have an opportunity once again to register on a first come basis to attend, Math Prep for Assessments – this program will run sometime later this Winter/Spring.  More information and dates will be posted.

In the spring, CHILD organizes a multi pronged approach aimed at helping transitioning students that are currently in 4th grade and 8th grade to achieve greater results and success as they transition into the Middle School or High School:

Transition to Middle School Program

The middle school environment can place greater academic and social expectations on our children.  Talking and role playing about these challenges in a supportive environment can help children anticipate and cope with these expectations.

The CHILD Organization, in cooperation with the Elementary Schools in Scotch Plains, Fanwood, The Municipal Alliance Committee and Resolve offers, The Transition To Middle School Program.

Counselors from Resolve facilitate the program aimed at preparing our children for Middle School and the ‘Teen Scene’.  Topics include: Balancing Homework and Social Life, Family Responsibilities, Peer Pressure, Making and Keeping Friendships, Respecting Each Others Differences and How to Handle Bullying. 

Participation is FREE and Voluntary. Registration is limited to all 4th grade students, on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Parent Wrap Up - For parents only, there will be a 1 hour summary to help you empower your child during the summer.   Stay tuned as forms will be sent home later this spring.

Transition to High School for Success

As  8th graders concluding their middle school experience, The CHILD Organization of Scotch Plains Fanwood in cooperation with Park & Terrill Middle Schools, The Municipal Alliance Committee and Resolve offers a Free After School Program called, Transition to High School for Success.   

As goals mature during high school with a focus on college preparations, career goals, community involvement and post graduation options, counselors help to prepare students for their transition from the middle school environment to the high school environment.  This program will help teach and strengthen appropriate life skills necessary to create a proper balance between academic, social and personal schedules. 

Students will focus on recognizing their personal accomplishments and individual changes throughout their middle school experience, while continuing to learn how to recognize their strengths and abilities and to build on those strengths, broadening their capacity for success.


This free program is open to all 8th graders on a first-come, first-served basis.   Be on the look out as spring approaches as more information will be sent home.



CHILD GOES GREEN - Recycling Helps Kids


The C.H.I.L.D. Organization of Scotch Plains Fanwood helps to staff the Fanwood Recycling Center in return for a modest stipend.   Volunteers are needed to help with this for only a couple of hours.  The money is used to help kids in Scotch Plains, Fanwood through informational programs for them and educational programs for their parents along with a special recognition event for the children at the end of the school year.


This bi-annual event takes place on Saturday morning in the fall and again during the winter.  Please remember, through Sun & Rain & Wind & Snow this outside facility is always opened!   Volunteers should dress weather appropriate, ie. layers, hats, boots, gloves, foul weather gear, etc. 

Any questions or volunteers should please contact Susan @ 908.322.4020.

The Winter schedule for 2015:


When:  To Be Announced

Where: Fanwood Recycling Center at North Avenue and Westfield  Road, Fanwood


Two shifts are available:   8:45-11:05 AM  and/or  10:45 AM - 1:10 PM



Volunteering is fast and easy work as recyclable materials (glass, plastics, cans) are removed from trunks of waiting cars and deposited into the correct storage bins.


What to bring/wear:  wear old clothes, sturdy shoes and bring work gloves


Volunteers range from students in Middle School,  High School and adults.  All interested in wanting to help should call 908.322.4020. 


You can also volunteer and sign up online - Please include your name and a contact phone number and we will call you back to confirm that you have been added to the schedule.  Depending on your email program you can copy and paste the following email in a new email you create or click on:  Recycling help


Please note:  Student volunteers who need or want Letters of Recognition regarding their Student Community Service for their HS Student Portfolios, any Senior Projects or Religious Education programs including Employer References, etc., can receive them by participating in this program.      



Special Thanks to Pizza Brothers!


In cooperation with C.H.I.L.D., Pizza Brothers on East 2nd St in Scotch Plains, has graciously treated the Recycling Volunteers that have helped at, Recycling Helps Kids, at the Fanwood Recycling Center with a special appreciation coupon for 1 FREE Slice of Pizza - Valid thru the month of February.

Authorized coupons were distributed at the end of each shift to registered volunteers.

This page or photocopies or any electronic version does not constitute a coupon at any time.


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