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4th Grade Transition to Middle School Program

Park Middle School and Terrill Middle Schools look forward to new students

This spring, The C.H.I.L.D. Organization of Scotch Plains Fanwood in cooperation with the Municipal Alliance Coalition (MAC) are once again offering an After-School enrichment program to ALL fourth-grade children who will be transitioning from elementary school to middle school.

The middle school environment can place greater academic and social expectations from our children. Talking and role playing about these challenges in a supportive environment can help children anticipate and cope with these expectations.

This After-School Kids Program is a two day event that takes place from 3:15 - 4:30 PM at each of the 5 public elementary schools in Scotch Plains and Fanwood throughout the spring. 

Approved counselors and/or social workers will facilitate the program aimed at preparing our children for Middle School and the ‘Teen Scene’. Topics will include: Balancing Homework and Social Life, Family Responsibilities, Peer Pressure, Making and Keeping Friendships, Respecting Each Others Differences and How to Handle Bullying.

Participation is FREE and Voluntary. Registration is limited to 20 students at each school, on a first-come, first-served basis. If you think your fourth grader would benefit and be interested in this program call send email to CHILD Transitions.

Please note that for security reasons, parents or caregivers must "sign out" their child at the end of each session. Also, parents may want to send along a small neat snack for after school.

PLEASE NOTE - For parents only, there will be a 1 hour summary to help you empower your child during the summer. The Parent Summary is usually held at SPFHS. .  

8th Grade Transition to High School For Success

Additionally this spring, ALL 8th graders will have an opportunity to attend the Transition to High School For Success at their current middle school assignment.

As goals mature during high school with a focus on college preparations, career goals, community involvement and post graduation options, counselors help to prepare students for their transition from the middle school environment to the high school environment.  This program will help teach and strengthen appropriate life skills necessary to create a proper balance between academic, social and personal schedules.  

Students will focus on recognizing their personal accomplishments and individual changes throughout their middle school experience, while continuing to learn how to recognize their strengths and abilities and to build on those strengths, broadening their capacity for success.

This After-School Kids Program will take place 1 day after school at Park for Park's 8th grade students and 1 day after school at Terrill for Terrill's 8th grade students from 2:45 - 4:15 PM.

Registration is limited to 20 students at each school, on a first-come, first-served basis.   Be on the look out dates and for electronic e-blasts for the permission forms sent by your school's PTA.

Parent Summary - For ALL Parents, there will be a summary to help you empower your child during the summer. 

The Parent Summary is usually held at SPFHS.