Educational Programs That Zoom

The programs at CHILD apply to children of all ages, from Pre-K to College and beyond.  

We call them, Zoom Programs  because of how our presenters rapidly focus in on what Parents, Teachers and other Professionals want to know to as it relates to helping their Children, Students and Clients succeed.

Unfortunately the various issues and problems that affect children in the classroom or the lecture hall exist,  with or without a diagnosis.  

However, it is vital to your child's success that their challenges are not overlooked or minimized.  If a child or adolescent is struggling day-to day with the same problems, or new issues develop, it is important to get appropriate help for your child. 


It's also critical to your child's wellbeing that they are NOT blamed for not trying hard enough or that they are not paying attention. 


CHILD Zoom Programs do more than help parents and teachers with their struggling child.  CHILD Zoom Programs actually help unite us all in creating awareness and advocacy in the common goal of helping our children to succeed and to do the best that they are possibly able to achieve.


If you would like CHILD to plan out a venue for your organization, professional group or parent gathering, please contact us at 

Design my program.        

Materials and Certificates for Professional Development Hours are included


Approved by the Department of Education, our workshops are designed to provide Professional Development Hours for Continuing Education Units

Questions about activities that are exclusive CHILD events or authorized CHILD programs should contact Programs @ CHILD.