ABOUT US...                                                                              

The CHILD Organization is setup as a non-profit volunteer organization. CHILD provides support, guidance and information to parents, professionals and children with learning disabilities.

Our founding purpose is to achieve early detection, expand educational programs and improve medical care for children with learning differences. We accomplish this by educating ourselves and others in our community as to the nature of the child's needs, as well as the child's educational, physical, social and emotional requirements. 

Our local organization was originally formed in 1978 and consists of parents, lay people, professionals in medicine, education and the social sciences and other groups interested in the welfare of children.



  • To assist parents in locating information and services for identification and remediation for children with learning disabilities.

  • To create positive public awareness and acceptance

  • To disseminate information

  • To encourage early identification and intervention of pre-school children with learning disabilities

  • To encourage improvement of special and regular education

  • To develop and promote legislative assistance

  • To provide advocacy assistance

  • To be a source of strength and support to our family members.


  • Become an active member of CHILD                 

  • Send a financial contribution for the work of the Organization

  • Volunteer your services to CHILD

  • Inform others of the Organization and it's efforts


Our newsletter is distributed to parents, identified community leaders, psychologists, physicians, school district administrators and guidance counselors, and all special education teachers in our school districts. The newsletter addresses community needs on special education, school information, and up-to-date facts and information about current state/federal legislation and court decisions.