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Misunderstood Minds

This link, takes you to a remarkable site. On this site, "Misunderstood Minds", you can actually experience some of the problems that children with disabilities encounter daily. A PBS documentary Special aired on March 27, 2002 profiles a variety of learning problems and gives you an opportunity to see and feel what it is like to deal with these problems on a regular basis. Please click on the link above to learn firsthand what some of  your children may be experiencing!

NJ Dep of Education - Parental Rights in Special Education (PRISE) - Download Manual

New Jersey Center for Outreach and Services

New Jersey Developmental Disabilities Council

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network of NJ (SPAN)


Specific Disabilities:

The ARC of New Jersey

Asperger Syndrome Education Network (ASPEN)

Austism Information from CSAAC


Central Auditory Processing Disorders - Article

Did your child experience a delay or problem in language development?  It may be CAPD...

Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey, Inc

Dyslexia Supports in NJ

New Jersey Brain Injury Association, Inc.

Sensory Integration -

Spina Bifida Association of the Tri-State Region

Tourette Syndrome Association of New Jersey, Inc.


The following organizations can provide free legal representation in certain cases to secure inclusive services for your child:

New Jersey Protection and Advocacy, Inc.

Education Law Center Student Rights Project


The following State Agency can provide information and training for parents and professionals about inclusion:

Family Link Early Intervention Collaborative


The New Jersey Department of Education Learning Resource Centers - Pre-K through High School:

Learning Resource Center North


Additional National Resources. These are more websites with additional information on learning disabilities sources:


Additional Special Needs Resources on-line





Millions of American children struggle daily in schools, social environments and even home settings because of a learning difference. 


All of these children can learn, however this model of child does not come with a manual which explains that they learn differently, hence the term learning disability.


The way in which they are "hardwired" affects the way they process ALL information.  Therefore in many instances, the disability is invisible and it is the effects that are seen. 

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Not responding to a child that is struggling over and over again can manifest into very serious problems if appropriate steps and interventions are not taken to help these children, which can include the entire family.  

With understanding and enlightenment, parents and teachers can implement the right supports to help empower their children and students to achieve success!